Posted on Saturday the 28th of March 2020

The Craft@Home server is FINALLY back online! It was all a little messy but I think it's finally sorted out to the point other people can use it.

If you would like to join and haven't already, you need to register first. This is because it is a whitelisted server. At the moment, whitelisting is restricted to friends and family. This may change in the future.

Once you've registered, verified your email (be sure to check your SPAM folder) and have been approved to join the server, a download link for the …


Posted on Saturday the 7th of March 2020

Website registrations are now open to prepare for those who would like to play on our Craft@Home server. Just a reminder that this server is only for friends and family for the time being.

The server is progressing nicely with just a few more tweaks and hardware setup to go. There's also a couple of mod updates that I'm waiting for before starting up the server. In light of that though, I'm opening registrations on the website. This allows me to get your Minecraft username (required because it's a white-listed server) and to easily …


Posted on Sunday the 2nd of February 2020

The Craft@Home Modded Minecraft server is coming back!

The launcher is currently in initial testing and once that's complete, work will start on the modpack itself. The modpack will likely be based on Minecraft v1.12.2 as that's the most stable modded version available at the moment. The launcher will have the option to run other versions of Minecraft. I'm not entirely sure how I want that to work yet but it's something I've wanted to do for a while. I like my Minecraft profiles separate but portable and hopefully this launcher can do that.

If you've played …