Posted on Sunday the 17th of January 2021

UPDATE 3: Make sure to click the install update button at the bottom of the launcher!
UPDATE 2: Oh, and I completely missed the release of v1.16.5 on Friday, so I've updated to that as well (only fixes a couple of server crash issues).
UPDATE: Barely 12 hours in and I've already updated the pack with some quality of life mods. Check below for details.

A new Minecraft server has been brought online. This one is a vanilla Minecraft server currently running on v1.16.4. It is available in the launcher but can also be joined with a normal Minecraft install (this may change in the future).

Although it's a vanilla server, some changes have been made:

  • Gamemode is "survival" and difficulty has been set to "hard".
  • Fire spread has been turned off.
  • Unlike the modded server, you can AFK as long as you like. AFK players are shown in grey on the players list.
  • Enderman won't grief the server by stealing blocks!
  • Shulkers will drop 2 shells instead of one.
  • The End Dragon will always drop an Elytra and a Dragon Egg.
  • All recipes are unlocked by default.
  • Death count is displayed on players list.
  • Server is backed up every half hour.

There are a handful of datapacks installed:

  • AFK Display v1.1.0 (video)
  • Anti Enderman Grief v1.1.0 (video)
  • Armor Statues v2.8.1 (video)
  • Double Shulker Shells v1.3.0 (video)
  • Dragon Drops v1.3.0 (video)
  • More Mob Heads v2.8.2 (video)
  • Multiplayer Sleep v2.5.2
  • Nether Portal Co-ords v1.1.0 (video)
  • Player Head Drops v1.1.0 (video)
  • Silence Mobs v1.1.0 (video)
  • Track Raw Statistics v1.4.0 (video)
  • Track Statistics v1.4.0 (video)
  • Unlock All Recipes v2.0.0

The datapacks come from Vanilla Tweaks.

The quality of life mods installed in the client are:

  • Just Enough Items v7.6.1.65 (website)
  • FTB GUI Library v1604.1.1.26
  • No Recipe Book v1.0.2 (website)
  • Mouse Tweaks v2.13 (website)
  • Inventory Tweaks Renewed v1.0.1 (website)
  • Better Advancements v0.1.0.104 (website)
  • Here's What You're Looking At v1.10.11-B78 (website)
  • Simple Discord Rich Presence v1.3.5 (website)
  • Light Overlay v5.6.1 (website)
  • Cloth Config API v4.1.3 (website)
  • Architectury v1.3.81 (website)

The point of the server is to stay as true to vanilla Minecraft gameplay wise as possible and to allow quick updates to new versions. That's why only cosmetic, client-side mods that can be removed instantly are being added. You can still connect to the server with a completely vanilla client and it will work as expected (the server itself is completely vanilla).