Posted on Saturday the 7th of March 2020

Website registrations are now open to prepare for those who would like to play on our Craft@Home server. Just a reminder that this server is only for friends and family for the time being.

The server is progressing nicely with just a few more tweaks and hardware setup to go. There's also a couple of mod updates that I'm waiting for before starting up the server. In light of that though, I'm opening registrations on the website. This allows me to get your Minecraft username (required because it's a white-listed server) and to easily white-list everyone automatically when we go live.

Once we do go live, a download for the launcher will appear on the Craft@Home page (I'm trying to work out if I can get this working earlier to allow users to download the launcher prior to the server being online). Java won't need to be installed as the launcher bundles it's own version. The launcher, mod packs and Java are completely portable, no installation required! After that it's a simple matter of launching the game. Too easy!