Welcome to our upcoming modded Minecraft server.

This is NOT a public server. You need to be on the whitelist to get access. In saying that, getting access is simple. We use our own launcher to manage automatic updates. Just follow the steps below:

Discord Access

The server is integrated with our Discord channel. Things like chat and some commands are synced between them. It is recommended to join the Discord server for easier setup.

  1. Once in the channel, send a message to Dreytac with your Minecraft username, who you are and how you heard about the server.
  2. Whitelist additions are done manually so there may be a delay between when you send the message and when you're added to the whitelist. You will get a message when you are added.
  3. You can view the available commands by sending the message, !cmds, to CraftHomeBot on Discord.

Launcher Setup

  1. Make sure you have the latest Java 8 installed. You can download it from Oracle's website. Java 9 MAY NOT WORK.
  2. Download the launcher and extract it to where you want the game installed.
  3. Double-click the launcher.jar file in the directory you extracted the launcher to.
  4. It is highly recommended to allocate more RAM to Minecraft than the default 4GB. You can do this by clicking the Options button and setting Maximum memory to something like 5,120 (for 5GB).
  5. Click the Launch button and the launcher should download and run the game.


  • The most common issue will be mod rejections when trying to join the server. This is caused because of a corrupted download during the launch process. Exit the game back to the launcher, right-click on Craft@Home and select Force Update.
    This should download any files that are corrupted.
  • If you start experiencing stuttering gameplay every 10 seconds or so, hit F3 and look in the top right corner. Watch your RAM/Memory usage and if it gets to 95%+ and your game freezes before going back down, you need to allocate more RAM to Minecraft.
    Check step 3 above for details on how to do that. A minimum of 5GB is recommended to be allocated to Minecraft.
  • If you have any other issues, let us know on the Discord channel and someone should help you out.

Mod List

If you would like to see what mods we have installed on the server, an up-to-date list is available.