Posted on Sunday the 2nd of February 2020

You might notice a new weather link in the menu bar above. I've spent a few days integrating the website with a Weewx database connected to my weather station. I have most of the important information done, which is step 1. I now want to include some third-party stuff as well (like radar, forecast, etc).

The weather station is a Fine Offset WH3081. I've had a my fair share of issues with it but overall it works OK. The only major downside is the solar sensor is NOT made for Australian conditions. Our sun just gets so hot …


Posted on Monday the 27th of January 2020

Another year, another fresh start... Seems to be routine for my website now.

A lot of things have happened behind the scenes with a bunch of new hardware and a completely new software setup. I will go into more detail in later posts but for now I'm just happy to get things rolling again.